How T-shirts are printed

One of the most popular methods of applying a print on clothing is the use of direct screen printing. This technique is most often used for large orders. In the case of this method, each advertising print must go through a specific path. First, the graphics are prepared, which are finally applied to the clothing. However, before this happens, it must be vectorized, i.e., to put it simply, it must be drawn in a format used for printing, i.e. available for various types of computer programs.

Direct screen printing

Each graphic after vectorization can be freely transformed, enlarged, reduced and changed its angle without changing the proportions and without losing quality.

The matrix is ​​then prepared. It is an aluminum frame over which a very fine nylon, polyester or metal mesh is stretched. Places referred to as «non-printing» are introduced onto the matrix prepared in this way. There are many ways to do this, including the imposition of foil or paper templates on the mesh. Another method is to apply a solution by hand which, when dry, blocks the holes in the mesh. For advertising clothes graphics are applied in the process of forcing the paint through a properly prepared matrix. Direct screen printing gives the possibility of «imposing» even the most complex patterns on various types of substrates. In addition, the constantly developing technology allows you to make UV, fluorescent or 3D prints using this method, thanks to the use of swelling inks. Custom t shirts Dallas offer you will find many interesting proposals related to decorating textiles using direct screen printing.

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing, on the other hand, consists in transferring graphics to advertising clothing using transfer paper. Thanks to this, the print is very expressive and perfectly smooth. This technique is used for small runs, most often involving printing directly onto finished items of promotional apparel and fabrics with uneven textures. The first step in preparing paper for printing is to select the appropriate grammage of this medium. Paper should release dye well and be resistant to high temperatures. In addition, it cannot absorb too much paint inside. When the customer requires a very high quality of clothing printing, the transfer paper is specially modified by adding special substances to its composition. Via the manufactureradvertising clothing – by Custom t shirts Dallas- you can apply this type of print on almost all elements of your employees’ clothes. Transfer printing looks great on t -shirts , T-shirts , hats and promotional jackets.

Sublimation printing

Another method of applying prints to clothing is sublimation printing . Most often it is used to decorate white polyester. With this technique, very complex graphics (e.g. photographs) can be applied to a polyester substrate. Sublimation printing is created using physical phenomena. Conditions are artificially created in which, under the influence of temperature, the solid turns into a gaseous state, thereby dyeing the fabric. The print on advertising clothing made in this way is very resistant to abrasion and weather conditions. The colors of graphics applied in this way are very expressive and impossible to achieve using any other technique.

Printed t-shirts and shirts

Custom t shirts Dallas uses each of these methods of applying prints to clothing, both advertising, catering and workwear. In addition, we also offer computer embroidery and laser burning. Familiarize yourself with our offer! Remember that we will adapt to your individual needs!

See what the printed t-shirts and printed shirts look like . 


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